A Bayesian time-of-flight estimation for ultrasonic damage detection

SHM methods for damage detection and localisation in plate-like structures have typically relied on post-processing of ultrasonic guided waves (GWs) features. The time-of-flight is one of these features, which has been extensively used by the SHM community. A followed technique to obtain the time of flight is by applying a particular time-frequency (TF) transform to get the frequency and energy content of the wave at each instant of time. From these transforms, the selection of a TF model has typically been based on experience, or simply based on minimising the computational cost. In this paper, a full probabilistic method based on the Bayesian inverse problem (BIP) is originally proposed to obtain the most probable model over a set of candidates. To this end, the problem of TF model selection is addressed using a two-stage BIP: (i) first, the posterior PDF of the dispersion parameter is obtained and then, (ii) the…

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